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Privacy Policy

Calcium-Pro is an advanced medical app to help you understand high calcium levels and parathyroid disease. The use of Calcium-Pro remains anonymous at all times. Calcium-Pro will never ask for any personal identifying information. Although your year of birth is required to interpret and graph your medical tests correctly (blood calcium levels change as we get older, for example), the app does not require the day or month of your birth or any other personal information.

Calcium-Pro requires you to insert your health and medical information, as well as your gender and year of birth. The information you provide is transmitted using secure HTTPS protocol and will be stored on a central computer in an anonymous fashion. There is no means by which the owners of Calcium-Pro, it’s programmers, or data storage personnel may attribute any particular test result to any person. You will not be required to register to use the Calcium-Pro app, and you do not need a password. The data is yours and nobody else will know who you are. You remain anonymous at all times. Your high calcium is your business–and nobody else’s!

Calcium Science, LLC remains the sole owner and copyright holder of this the Calcium-Pro app. Calcium Science, LLC develops mobile medical apps for the scientific analysis, monitoring and long-term tracking of diseases of calcium metabolism, including: high calcium in the blood, Osteoporosis, Hyperparathyroidism, Vitamin D Deficiency, and Kidney Stones. The Calcium-Pro app was developed by physicians at the Norman Parathyroid Center who are recognized world-wide as leaders in this field and the group of physicians with more experience taking care of patients with hyperparathyroidism than any other group. Calcium-Pro and the other apps from Calcium Science, LLC are designed for use by both patients and doctors, providing high-end graphics and statistical analysis of a person’s overall calcium health. Avoidance of unnecessary tests, avoidance of unnecessary prescription drugs, and an enhanced overall experience between doctor and patient are the goals for each of our apps.

In agreement with Calcium Science, LLC, the physicians at the Norman Parathyroid Center will have access to the generic, cumulative information entered by users of the app and will from time to time use the collective information for research purposes for a better understanding of calcium, vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, hyperparathyroidism, and osteoporosis. Calcium Science, LLC retains all ownership and rights to the data collected in connection with the app and its usage. How you use the app may be monitored, including but not limited to what pages you look at, how long you spend on each page, the type of device you are using, and the operating system used. However, your IP address, and other personal information will not be collected or known. You will always remain anonymous.

There is no third-party sharing between the Calcium-Pro app and any other app. Your address book, calendar, and other information will not be accessed. CalciumPro does not accesses local resources or other capabilities of your phone or tablet (e.g., device address book, mobile and/or LAN network interface, GPS and other location-based services, contacts, camera, photos, SMS or MMS messaging, and Bluetooth). In order to give the user an estimate of the incidence of hyperparathyroidism in his/her community, the Calcium-Pro app will use device-available methods to determine location so that an estimate of location can be placed upon a global map of patients with high calcium. This will be done only at the time of app download or may be done with your permission on the “Connect” page of the app. The location is an estimate only; your exact location is not known. This is not an app for children. Calcium-Pro is intended to be used by adults only.

Calcium-Pro is based on multiple credible information sources regarding high calcium levels and parathyroid function, including: published guidelines, evidence-based practice, peer-reviewed journal articles, and the extensive experience of the world’s most experienced parathyroid and calcium-metabolism physicians at the Norman Parathyroid Center. Multiple links are provided to more detailed information at www.parathyroid.com and directly to scientific journals. There is no advertising on Calcium-Pro. Your personal information will never be collected and thus cannot be shared or sold. From time to time we may send you push notifications when you are using Calcium-Pro. If you do not want these notifications, you can manage your preference either through your device or app settings depending on your device type. Notifications may be used to improve the app, conduct research and analysis, and display content based upon your test results. From time to time, Calcium-Pro may ask you if you would like a coupon or similar sales notification for calcium, vitamins, or other items that may be appropriate for you. You can opt out of this notification at any time.

We enable you to connect with social media such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can share your experience with Calcium-Pro, or connect with other users who may have a similar medical condition. We cannot control the actions of others with whom you may choose to share your pages and information.

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