High Calcium and Parathyroid Analysis App

for Smart Phones and Tablets

Calcium Changes with Your Age

Calcium levels change as we get older. Children and teenagers have higher blood calcium than adults in their early 30’s, which in turn have higher blood calcium levels than adults over 40. The calculations and graphs within this app take your age into consideration. For fun, change your birth year to 1994 and see what happens to your diagnosis and see how your calcium graphs change. Show this to your doctor, since most doctors don’t realize that the normal values change with age. Did you notice that your blood lab reports are not “age adjusted”, and instead the lab gives a “reference range” for all humans regardless of age?  This is unfortunate and confuses doctors—help us teach your doctor!  It is not normal to have high blood calcium, and a “little bit high” is just as deadly as very high.

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